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You will write a long blog entry that closely examines the history of a writing technology (i.e.: Smartphones, voice-to-text software, cuneiform) and its connection to a particular community. For example, you may write about the use of smartphones and social media for social justice movements. Or, you could write about the decline of handwriting (cursive) education and recent studies that cite writing as a literacy motor skill. The topic is your choice, but the project must include the following:

Proposal: A one-page proposal that identifies the writing technology and community you will research, defines how you are understanding the terms writing and technology, identifies the guiding questions you seek to answer, and why this technology and community matter to you. (typed, printed, submitted via hardcopy)

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Preliminary Draft: You will craft at least one draft that will be shared with group members and Dr. Epps-Robertson through conferencing.

Workshop with Peers: You will share a draft of your “paper” with an assigned group of peers for feedback.

Post: You will create a blog post that outlines the history of the writing technology, succinctly describes the community connected to the technology, answers the research questions set forth in your proposal, and provides analysis on the ways in which this particular writing technology serves the unique needs of the community you identify. It will be important to identify particular questions and a focused community so that you aren’t trying to write about “all the things” for “all the communities.” For example, a project that looks at assistive writing technologies for people with disabilities would be a good start; however, narrowing it down even more to look at the use of eye gaze software, or voice banks for persons living with ALS would provide you with more of a focus, and thus better direction for your research. Your blog post should be between 2500-3000 words, use multimedia, and use proper MLA citation. You may use a mix of scholarly and non-scholarly sources but should have a fair balance between the two (7-9 sources in total). Your presentation should be between 5-7 minutes, provide the audience with an overview of your research questions, findings, and analysis. You should incorporate images and/or video into your presentation, but please do so thoughtfully so that your voice and findings are not overshadowed by the media.

Multimodal Blog “Paper” + Presentation: 30%

Your presentation should include an engaging overview of the community, technology, and the importance of your research. You should use visuals to support your 5-7 minute talk, and be prepared to take questions.


Below are images from our brainstorming activity on Thursday, Feb. 7

Writing Technologies


Writing & Community Survival


Historical & Contemporary Issues involving Writing & Technology