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What: ENGL 116: Final Reflection Prompt (500 words+images+sound+multimedia that feels relevant)

When: May 3, 2016, by 10AM EST

Where: Posted on your Blog and titled “Final Reflection Prompt.” You will submit this directly to Dr. Epps-Robertson via an emailed link to your blog.


Prompt: We began the semester by asking questions about what writing is, what kinds of technologies have supported communities’ writing, and by examining the connection between writing and power for various groups. As we end the semester, we are coming full circle with projects that ask you to put yourself at the center of these conversations. The purpose of this reflective prompt is to ask you to think about the progress you’ve made in answering these questions (and others you’ve had along the way), and what more you might continue exploring. Your reflection can take any form-a letter addressed to me, a short essay, a collage of images/sound with enough context provided that will help me to discern your reflection. Please use the following questions as a guide


  • What did you learn in this class?
  • How did what you learn complicate/resonate/challenge previously held notions about writing and technology?
  • You’ve developed your own theoretical framework for understanding what writing is and how it operates across varied spaces, how might your framework help to support you as a writer? Think here about both academic and all the other types of writing you might do.
  • If you had more time and resources, what additional research, learning, or projects might you take on to further develop interests you’ve discovered in our class?