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Dr. Wanda Diaz Merced: How Can We Hear the Stars?

  • What might we consider about Merced’s claims about the connection between sound, or “sonification,” and physics?
  • How does this related to some of our conversations about literacy? Accessibility?
  • Or, what does her argument imply about the connection between the senses for literacy and research?

Reflection assignment (a separate blog post) *please submit along with your final Major Project 2

  • Due no later than Friday, May 3, 10AM posted to your blog. Email a link directly to Dr. Epps-Robertson
  • Reflection prompt linked here and provided in hard copy

Project 2 Feedback: Importance of contexts and history; asking how & why questions for analysis; asking “so what” for connections to issues outside of yourself. Examples: Sofia, Rebecca, Mitra

Due: Thursday, April 25 (original due date, or no later than Friday, May 3 @10AM emailed directly to Dr. Epps-Robertson

  • When you submit your Project 2 you must also submit your Reflection assignment. So, you are only emailing me with a link to your blog, once.
  • During Thursday’s class (4/25) you will present exhibit style. Prepare to bring your laptop and be prepared to share with us a few of your favorite artifacts from your project. You may show us the image, but rather than have people read through your post, be prepared to share a few thoughts. Part of your participation grade will be based on the reflection-response worksheet you complete for the ‘exhibits’ you view.



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