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Barton describes an ecological view of literacy. He uses the term ecological on p. 32 as a means to describe the “embeddedness” of literacy: “Instead of studying the separate skills which underlie reading and writing, it involves a shift to studying literacy, as a set of social practices associated with particular symbol systems and their related technologies.” This provides us with a broader perspective on what literacy is, how it is taught, practiced, and why it is important. Using this ecological view also highlights the ways that writing is a social process, more than a skill, it both presents your perspectives and speaks to world views and ideologies.

At the end of chapter 11, Barton describes the four strategies of writing as a means to help us understand both the process and the ideologies that are part of our writing processes. Which of these processes, or strategies, most mirrors your own? Or, if your process is different, craft your own metaphor and describe. What does this process say about what you value with regard to writing?

You might want to select one genre, as I would imagine we have different processes for different types of writing.

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